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Custom-made offers for any need

Book a culinary experience rather than just snacks and drinks

Give your event the chance to stay in everybody's mind! Since doing so requires a good amount of preparation, don't hesitate to relax and leave it all to the pros. We are more than happy to go the extra mile and make your event that distinct one you were thinking of before it would become reality. Let us create something that leaves a great and long-lasting impression on your guests, whether it be a corporate event or an intimate tete-a-tete dinner.

Where quality and creativity meet

Clever options tailored to your needs

As a matter of course, M!C Catering only accepts choice goods when it comes down to the food and beverage supplies we use to cater our clients. In accordance with your preferences, budget and target audience, we offer a wide variety of flexible, tailor-made gastronomic solutions ranging from jar snacks (take a look at our popular QMAX the Cube concept) to extraordinarily elegant and well-orchestrated gala dinners.

Wedding Catering

Simply enjoy a great wedding

On wedding day, the limelight is on the bridal couple whose reception is put to the test. Everything is expected to run smoothly and without any inconvenience: We feel obliged to ensure this isn't just wishful thinking, so we offer capable advice to our clients and develop convincing solutions together with them. At M!C Catering, we strongly believe that a wedding reception should be a joy for the guests as much as for the bride and groom. Hence, we don't take a chance in terms of organisation before, during and after the big day.

Customised solutions

Choose anywhere between tete-a-tete dinner and business lunch

Special moments, special places

Where space, time and culinary art unite in perfect harmony

Great ideas are always a good starting point when you want to impress your guests. You might as well just give it a try and hire M!C Catering – we'll take care of it. The smiles of satisfied and pleasantly surprised clients prove us to be the on the right track. Again, this contributes a lot to our motivation to keep offering our clients unforgettable feasts for all the senses. Your personal participation is our framework, everything in between is filled with our know-how of which we are making good use for the benefit of your guests. We are as happy to be your chosen expert at making you a suggestion for a fancy menu as we are at providing equipment for your company's Christmas party – should you desire an exclusive location, we will help you out on that as well. Have you heard of our extraordinary Silo2?