Discover snacks on a new level

Forget about those ordinary canapés and desserts you only know too well. The meals you get at events might as well just look a whole lot more attractive. May we introduce you to QMax the Cube? It is our appealing gourmet snack jar that holds our tasty creations and delicious treats, whether they are served as an appetiser, main course or dessert.

Spoiling your eyes and palate

Our QMax jars are full of benefits:

  • Wide choice of versatile meals
  • Impressive and appealing presentation of food
  • Clean handling
  • Easy to serve, irrespective of the event site
  • QMax meals make a great visual impact, no matter if enjoyed while standing or served at the table

QMax the Cube

Dimensions: 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm

QMAX the Cube Flyer