Key Facts

  • Height of the event room above the Rhine: 69 m
  • Event room capacity: 20 in seating configuration, 30+ when standing
  • Event room floor space: 24 m2
  • M!C Catering provides custom-tailored culinary experiences
  • Unfortunately, due to the building's main purpose as a silo, it is not accessible for wheel chairs – a lift is going up to the penultimate floor, the last few steps leading up to the event room are only accessible by staircase


There is a certain fascination with height: Silo2 is no exception in this regard. Discover the perfect event site where you will be impressed and impress at the same time – accompanied by M!C Catering's culinary service that promotes your event.

The multifunctional event room sits 69 m above Rhine level, at the top of the tower from the industrial era of the fifties, only a few meters away from the international border triangle of Switzerland, Germany and France.

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Let's go!

More than a breathtaking view

Our professional infrastructure gives us limitless flexbility

Where the impossible becomes possible

Silo2 with its tower room doesn't just happen to be an impressive place by itself, but a place where there is no room for a subjunctive – our philosophy is to use this extraordinary location in an extraordinary way: Our job is to make your wishes possible even if you couldn't have imagined them come true prior to the event. Silo2 is a golden opportunity for managers as well as for club members and ambitious individuals who wish to experience a memorable event.

Suitable for business

Occasions such as business lunches, Christmas parties, customer events, confidential meetings within a small circle of people, anniversaries in an intimate space, workshops or internal training courses: Silo2 is ready for business. Our infrastructure is up to date and adaptive to suit your needs. In addition to our catering service, we offer you the following configuration:

  • WiFi internet
  • Projector and screen
  • Coffee and tea service

Ready for a spectacular event in an initimate space

Ever thought about celebrating one of your family member's birthday party in an exclusive way high above the city? Somewhere barely anyone ever set foot into, not to mention having a barbecue in winter or a cheese fondue. And when there is the opportunity to enjoy a tete-at-tete-brunch with an ubelieveable view, why not seize it? How about a fondue feast almost 70 meters above the Rhine rather than at your own home? And what's to say against watching football with friends in a tower whose stunning view compensates even for the most boring game? Even the private concert close to the clouds doens't have to remain a dream: Tell us about your ideas, we will realise them!

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